Stonewood Christmas Hunt - teleporthub.com

Stonewood Christmas Hunt

Stonewood Christmas Hunt - "Grab the free HUD, then find all 15 ornaments, presents, and star. Every time you find one you’ll fill in...
Love Love Hunt - teleporthub.com

Love Love Hunt

Love Love Hunt - "Saint Valentine’s day is at the doors, so the theme of this hunt is Saint Valentine. All about this day,...
Precious Hunt - teleporthub.com

Precious Hunt

Precious Hunt - "MISS JEWELL is very excited to bring to you the first edition of Precious Hunt – Jewells are our best friends...
Hoards of Holidays Hunt - teleporthub.com

Hoards of Holidays Hunt

Hoards of Holidays Hunt - "Celebrating the wide variety of Holidays that come in December." Hunt Dates: Dec 1 – Dec 31 Type: Grid Wide Hunt Region Ratings:...
Torch Guiding Light Hunt 2 - teleporthub.com

Torch Guiding Light Hunt 2

Torch Guiding Light Hunt 2 - "Newcomer friendly hunt." Hunt Dates: Mar 1 – Mar 31 Application Deadline: Feb 1 Application Site: Zen Events Type: Grid Wide Hunt Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult Stops:...
Chocolate Christmas Two Hunt - teleporthub.com

Chocolate Christmas Two Hunt

Chocolate Christmas Two Hunt - "Its that time of year again Folks, to get in on the Chocolate Christmas Hunt." Hunt Dates: Dec 15 – Jan...
Christmas Expo 2012 - teleporthub.com

Christmas Expo 2012

Christmas Expo 2012 - "on a second year, The Xmas Expo is coming back to SL!  Coordinated by the crew who brings The Home &...
Rockin In The New Year Hunt - teleporthub.com

Rockin In The New Year Hunt

Rockin In The New Year Hunt - "It is a NEW year!! Filled with plenty of new resolutions, ideas, creations, gadgets, and suprises!" Hunt Dates: Dec...
International Diva Tour - teleporthub.com

International Diva Tour

International Diva Tour - "Internationally Posh Ladies, Second Life population/shoppers, (Ladies 18+ please).  Participants will be able to access full list of shops via...
Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt - teleporthub.com

Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt

Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt - "Hunt for ALL Male Avatars! Thugs, Studs, Alpha, Bulls, Gentlemen! Various types of avatar Fashions, including clothing, shoes,...
Stuff Your Stocking Hunt - teleporthub.com

Stuff Your Stocking Hunt

Stuff Your Stocking Hunt - "Grumble Winter Market Hunt" Hunt Dates: Dec 1 – Dec 31 Type: Sim or Store Hunt Region Rating: Moderate Stops: 10 Hunt Object: Red Stocking...
Chez Moi Furniture Xmas Hunt - teleporthub.com

Chez Moi Furniture Xmas Hunt

Chez Moi Furniture Xmas Hunt - "Celebrate this magical date with the CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Xmas Hunt .There are 10 quality goodies to brighten and...
Winter Blues Hunt - teleporthub.com

Winter Blues Hunt

Winter Blues Hunt - "This hunt is dedicated to winter.  Love it or hate it. Do you have the winter blues and want it...
Roses Are Red Hunt - teleporthub.com

Roses Are Red Hunt

Roses Are Red Hunt - "February brings images of hearts and roses and love and romance.  Love it or hate, Valentine’s Day is here...
Whore Couture 2 - teleporthub.com

Whore Couture 2

Whore Couture 2 - "Deep inside every woman is a dirty girl waiting to come out, a locked up closet whore that needs to...
What a Cold Winter Hunt - teleporthub.com

What a Cold Winter Hunt

What a Cold Winter Hunt Hunt Dates: Dec 3 – Feb 1 Type: Grid Wide Hunt Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult Stops: 17 Hunt Object: Candy Cane (L$2 Hunt) Start: Fashion Blvd Web Site: cbhunts.weebly.com Contact Person: NICKYMINAJ...
Unwrapped Hunt - teleporthub.com

Unwrapped Hunt

Unwrapped Hunt - "Naughty Gifts" Hunt Dates: Dec 3 – Dec 31 Type: Grid Wide Hunt Region Ratings: Moderate & Adult Stops: 40 Hunt Object: Condom Start: Olber Web Site: unwrappedhunt.blogspot.com Contact Persons:  Christine Fearne, Rosen...
Naughty or Nice Holiday Hunt - teleporthub.com

Naughty or Nice Holiday Hunt

Naughty or Nice Holiday Hunt - "Have you been Naughty or Nice this year? Visit Santa’s Workshop and start YOUR holiday adventure on this...
Golden Apple Hunt - teleporthub.com

Golden Apple Hunt

Golden Apple Hunt - "New York City SL, which opened on 11.11.11, is turning 1. The “Fashion Capital of SL” will host a 12 day...
Mon Amour Hunt - teleporthub.com

Mon Amour Hunt

Mon Amour Hunt  - “Mon Amour” is French for “My Love”. Words that are very suitable on the 14th of February, Valentine’s day. So a...
Winter Sorrow Hunt - teleporthub.com

Winter Sorrow Hunt

Winter Sorrow Hunt - "Each day from Dec 1 to Dec 25 you’ll find a snowflake hidden somewhere in Dulce Secrets or in the...
I Love Nature - teleporthub.com

I love Nature Hunt

I love Nature - "Anything that has to do or is referred to nature." Hunt Dates: Jan 15 – Feb 15 Application Deadline: Dec 31 Application Site: Oroatera Bay Type:...
Melangee elf hunt - teleporthub.com

Me’LanGe’s Annual Elf Hunt

Me’LanGe’s Annual Elf Hunt - "Hello Fans, Just a reminder,.. Our Annual Elf Hunt is going on now. Click on the Big Elf at the...
Our Favoite Things - teleporthub.com

Our Favorite Things

Our Favorite Things - " Every designer and creator loves doing what they do. Of course they do! Why else would they do it? But...
12 days of christmas hunt 2012 - teleporthub.com

12 Days Of Christmas Hunt

12 Days Of Christmas Hunt - "Christmas is for giving. Several businesses on the SL Grid would like to thank our customers for their...
Winter Wonder Land Hunt - teleporthub.com

Winter Wonderland Hunt

Winter Wonderland Hunt - " We want to know what you think makes for a Winter Wonderland! Do you think it’s a warm, soft sweater?...
Happy Jk-Mas! - teleporthub.com

Happy Jk-Mas!

Happy Jk-Mas! - "The theme for the Hunt is Christmas, only for a female audience, therefore, we have 7 Christmas balls hidden all around...
Baking Mania Hunt - teleporthub.com

Baking Mania Hunt

Baking Mania Hunt - "What would you like to see in your fantasy bakery?" Hunt Dates: Jan 1 – Jan 31 Application Deadline: Dec 14 Applications  Type: Grid Wide Hunt Region Ratings:...
Rude Santa Christmas Hunt - teleporthub.com

Rude Santa Christmas Hunt

Rude Santa Christmas Hunt  "SuRrEaL Fashion District is having our second hunt! A 3 1/2-week Christmas hunt where vendors can place their hunt object...
Singer Icon Fair - teleporthub.com

Singer Icon Fair

Singer Icon Fair - "Inspired by the singers, their style and music. In this exhibition you will find many new creations and gifts. I invite...
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