Sense Event s - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
70L Weekends - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Garden of Shadows - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
SCALA Yin Yang Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Fly Buy Fridays - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Hipster Women - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Hipster Men - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
The Secret Garden - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden The Secret Garden - Enchanted Garden hiding 10 seasonal items for one fee of 500L (HUD) Dates: Every 1st of November, February, May & August...
INDUSTRIE - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


INDUSTRIE INDUSTRIE - A sleek & stylish event with an edge. Combining popular contemporary styles of minimalist & industrial design, INDUSTRIE is your one-stop event for...
L'Elite - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


L'Elite L'Elite - The event brings together designers from different backgrounds who will present their creations in one place. It is a variety event so...
Hashtag - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


Hashtag Hashtag - Event for every kind from design. Clothes, Hair, Home & Decor, Make Up & Skin, Hair, Shoes, Tattoos, Jewelry, Poses & Animations and...
Spotlight - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


Spotlight Spotlight - Event for every kind from design. Clothes, Hair, Home & Decor, Make up & Skin, Hair, Shoes, Tattoos, Jewelry, Poses & Animations and...
eBENTO - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


eBENTO eBENTO - monthly event specialized in just bento items or for bento. Exclusives and items on discount from the most prestigious brands at eBENTO and...
Inspiration - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


Inspiration Inspiration - Inspired by celebs, created for SecondLife. At Inspiration you'll find a shopping paradise with new themes inspired by celebrities every 12 weeks. Items...
50HG - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


50HG 50HG - 50HG is a 50L Home and Garden weekly discount for Home and Garden stores in Second Life every weekend starting 12:00 AM Friday to...
Powder Pack - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Powder Pack

Powder Pack Powder Pack - powder pack is a monthly mystery pack consisting of 12 mesh head makeup appliers from your favorite brands across the grid! Dates:  Powder Pack...
Builder's Box - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Builder’s Box

Builder's Box Builder's Box - a quarterly build-only subscription box packed full of nothing but homes, skyboxes & other builds. So whether you're in need of a...
Designer Showcase - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase Designer Showcase - Monthly Event starts the 5th of each month ends the last day of each month. Each designer features at least one...
The Old Fair - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

The Old Fair

The Old Fair The Old Fair - The Old Fair is a fair that is held 3 times a year in the dates of May, August,...
BishBox - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


BishBox THIS EVENT WAS DISCONTINUED BishBox - BishBox is a NEW monthly subscription box for the wild and crazy grrrrls in SL! Using the same successful formula as...
Draftsman - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


Draftsman Draftsman - Draftsman aims to bring the best designers and architects together in one bi-monthly shopping event unlike any others. Focusing on original, unique mesh we...
Marvelous Monthly - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Marvelous Monthly

Marvelous Monthly Marvelous Monthly - We are more than just another sales room – we are the place where fashion is a passion. A new and fresh...
Deco(c)rate - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


Deco(c)rate Deco(c)rate - a monthly mystery box filled with high quality, original mesh decor, home and garden items. Using the same successful formula as SwagBag, Deco(c)rate...
On9 - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


  On9 On9 - a monthly shopping event with a small twist! Every month On9 welcomes Second Life’s brightest designing stars each presenting their exclusive designs, discounting one...
The Crossroads - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

The Crossroads

The Crossroads The Crossroads - An unique multi-themed shopping event that brings together the most talented SL designers and delivers skillfully crafted 100% original mesh creations. The...
Tres Chic - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Tres Chic

Tres Chic Tres Chic -Four Seasons Theme Event Dates: Every 17th of the month until the 10th of the next month. Second Life Update Group: Link to join...
Shiny Shabby - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Shiny Shabby

Shiny Shabby Shiny Shabby - Flea Market for New and Weathered Things Dates: Every 20th of the month until the 15th of the next month  Second Life Update Group:...
Men Only Monthly - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Men Only Monthly

Men Only Monthly Men Only Monthly - Brings you real men style, all in the same place... Located within Men Only District, this venue offers 46...
anyBody - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


anyBody anyBody - anyBODY is the “MUST GO” event created for the appliers lovers. Appliers are not associated with only busty girls anymore. Any kind...
Hello Tuesday - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Hello Tuesday

  Hello Tuesday Hello Tuesday - Weekly event, one day only for 50L and 50% off sale deals Dates: Tuesday every week Second Life Update Group: Link to...
Cosmopolitan Bi-weekly Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


  Cosmopolitan Bi-weekly Event Cosmopolitan Bi-weekly Event Dates: Every second Monday of the month Second Life Update Group: Link to join group Type of Event: Recurring Bi Weekly Official URLs: Cosmopolitan...
21Shoe - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


  21Shoe 21Shoe - 21 Shoe is a 24-hour floating event that takes place on the 21st of each month within Second Life. The event offers virtual...
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If you cannot teleport directly to the item's location because the merchant set landing point on his or her land, try to deploy beacon to pin-point exact location. First, copy our SURL link and paste to Nearby Chat. Second, click on the link to open the location panel. Finally, click on map button to deploy beacon. Follow the red arrow to your destination.


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