Bare Rose: Pixel Moon Hunt – “An interactive story. Prologue: If you keep playing Second Life for a long time, sometimes difficult times occur. XepetT was your friend and designer of Cyber themed items. But he had a serious illness and passed away a few weeks ago. Because of his name, you are reminded of Pinocchio’s Geppetto, the famous story, but he was so young to pass away. It was sad, but time has helped to calm down your mind. You pull out an item made by him from a long time ago, you remember his sand box where you usually chatted with him. His shop is still there, so, you think the sand box may still be there too. You open the Landmark and try to Teleport there.”

Hunt Dates: Aug 31 – Sep 8 

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 4 + 1
Hunt Object: Pinocco Tiny

StartBare Rose
Contact Person: June Dion

Bare Rose: Pixel Moon Hunt - Teleport Hub -
Bare Rose: Pixel Moon Hunt – Teleport Hub –