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Thank you for choosing Teleport Hub’s service. We hope our service can contribute to your business growth and success. Please use this form to submit your hunts or non-recurring events. Just fill the best you can. For Recurring Events, please use one sample from our Recurring Events page then submit by sending your info to info@teleporthub.com

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1. Posting is always free.

2. We obtain and check all gifts for quality and advertising consistency before posting. We archive all gifts for record.

3. Kindly be sure about expiration date of the gift and keep the promise to the buyers. If you are not sure about expiration date, please enter “Unknown” into the box.

4. Notify us by email info@teleporthub.com if you want to make any changes or have the gift removed.

If you need to make changes to your post, please feel free to contact us at info@teleporthub.com. Please include your post URL and info about the changes you want to make. Thank you.

Teleport Hub reserve the right to make decision about approving or rejecting your submitted content without any notice. By submitting content (information, images, text, and attachments) to Teleport Hub, you explicitly grant us the full permission to use your submitted content without any limitation.

Event & Hunt Blogging Policy: Event owners have to display our logo at the event venue’s media partner area or landing area. Hunt organizers & multiple location event organizers need to display our logo at the hunt/event office. You will be provided a logo package after we finish blogging your event. Thank you.

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[satus Inc] Outdoor Hangout Rug Ad 300×250

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If you cannot teleport directly to the item's location because the merchant set landing point on his or her land, try to deploy beacon to pin-point exact location. First, copy our SURL link and paste to Nearby Chat. Second, click on the link to open the location panel. Finally, click on map button to deploy beacon. Follow the red arrow to your destination.


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