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Thank you for choosing Teleport Hub’s service. We hope our service can contribute to your business growth and success. Please use this form to submit your promotion/deals.

Deals / Promotion Posting Requirements:

  1. Review Copies: Submit review copies (see below). You have to submit your promo item(s) to us for review in order to have the deal/promo posted. We reserve the right to decide whether we will post your item(s). In general, the item(s) must be in decent quality. You don’t have to submit review copies if you do a general sale (multiple sale items at once). 
  2. Pricing: There is no limit to the price but it is better to be a sale price (not full price) in order to achieve the marketing purpose. The promotional item can be at your store in Second Life or Marketplace. The promotion/deal item must have its price greater than 0 $L (not free).
  3. Expiration Date: It is essential to declare the expiration date. We don’t post deals that will be expired in a few days. Your promotional items/deals must be available for at least 7 days or more. No Flash sale 1-2 days will be accepted. Please make sure there is enough time for our readers to buy from you.
  4. Quality: We are no longer accepting items which were made entirely using sculpts and normal prims. Those are outdated. Body-painting clothes and clothes with appliers only without mesh are not accepted. However, we do accept tattoos products.

To submit other kinds, please click on one of these links:

[Submit Freebies] [Submit Group Gifts] [Submit Hunt Info]


* For any Women related items, please send to our blogger Jezotus Resident. Simply drop the items to her IM box.

* For any Men related items and Home Stuff, please send to satus9 ResidentSimply drop the items to his IM box.

1. Posting is always free.

2. We obtain and check all promotion/deals items for quality and advertising consistency before posting. We archive all items for record.

3. Kindly be sure about expiration date of the gift and keep the promise to the buyers. If you are not sure about expiration date, please enter “Unknown” into the box.

4. Notify us by email [email protected] if you want to make any changes or have the gift removed.

If you need to make changes to your post, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Please include your post URL and info about the changes you want to make. Thank you.

Teleport Hub reserve the right to decide whether we would approve or reject your submitted content with or without any notice. By submitting content (information, images, text, and attachments) to Teleport Hub, you explicitly grant us the full permission to use your submitted content without any limitation.

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If you cannot teleport directly to the item's location because the merchant set landing point on his or her land, try to deploy beacon to pin-point exact location. First, copy our SURL link and paste to Nearby Chat. Second, click on the link to open the location panel. Finally, click on map button to deploy beacon. Follow the red arrow to your destination.


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