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DISCONTINUED – Please access new program Designer Circle Program

Featured Merchants Program is a special program which is an upgrade from Designer Circle Program. This program brings your business and TeleportHub.com closer together. In order words, we need commitment as we grow together. We are only accepting merchants who show commitment to Second Life business and believe in Teleport Hub’s cause and success; And, we will do the same.

Therefore, in order to join this program:

(1) You must first be a Designer in the Designer Circle Program [see how to join] OR you were invited directly to join program.
(2) You met and completed the requirements for this program.
(3) You have received an invitation from Teleport Hub.  (If you don’t have an invitation and wish to join, please request an invitation by sending an email to us @  info@teleporthub.com) – [See below]

Being a featured merchant will give you many benefits. It is totally free to join our program. In fact, we will help you to promote your Second Life® business for free. There is no subscription and no hidden cost. Please read the following information about Featured Merchants program:

*** BENEFITS ***
1 – We display your logo (100×100 pixels) on our front page and posts (free advertising)
2 – One post about your store in our merchant area.
3 – Featured Merchant status in our Teleport Hub Group (a Second Life® Group) – You are allowed to send 3 notices per week. ach week interval starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. You may send these 3 notices at any time during each week interval. Kindly respect this rule because we don’t want people to get frustrated and leave the group. Thank you.
4 – We Post your promotion/deals on our website (subject to approval by administrator) – High Priority – One post on our website will also available at 2 Facebook Pages, 2 scoop.it pages, pinterest, google plus, Teleport Hub’s wordpress blog and Twitter.
5 – Permission to post your promotion/deals in our Facebook Teleport Hub Group (no approval needed)
6 – Permission to rent Adboard at our inworld Teleport Hub
7 – Free marketing by teleporthub.com – Teleport Hub is one of the fastest growing network. We have high number of page views per day. We are also managing the No 1 blog for “Second Life Freebies” [according to Google Search Result – http://www.scoop.it/t/second-life-freebies-und-mehr]. We believe we can help your SL business.
8 – Be able to participate in Giveaway Events in order to market your business and increase your traffic.
9 – Exclusive Teleport Hub’s group gift: If you decide to contribute to the group by giving out exclusive group gift to Teleport Hub’s members. Your gift will be posted in special section called “Exclusive Group Gift.” This section will be on Front Page and at the top of the page. Read exclusive group gift requirements below.

1 – Display our Teleport Hub Logo at your store’s group gift area or welcome area if you don’t have any group gift. (Note: this is the only one thing we ask from you. And we are doing the same by putting your logo on all pages. If you failed to display logo for a certain period of time, your privileges would be revoked permanently)
2 – Merchant must have an inworld store. (marketplace store is not currently eligible for this program)
3 – Merchant must have at least 20 different products offered for sale. (We check for quality of the product before making decision)
4 – You are currently in Designer Circle Program.
5 – You have received invitation from TeleportHub.com

Some requirements and notes about exclusive gift (optional)

* The exclusive group gift must not be the same as your store’s monthly group gift and only for TeleportHub.com’s group members.
* Visitors must wear TeleportHub.com group tag to get the gift.
* Merchant must notify Teleport Hub if the gift is removed or changed.
* You have total control over what kind of group gift you want to give out. It can be a limited edition dress, a hat, or even a necklace, etc (just not an empty box). The quality of the gift will determine whether people will come to your store or not.
* Your exclusive gift will be posted in a special section called as “Featured Merchant’s Exclusive Gift” on our main page and near the top of the page.


Choose one of the two options:

1. Marketplace: 


2. Inword:  Taxi to Teleport Hub

*** HOW TO GET AN INVITATION? *** (please ignore this if you were invited)

Email us at info@teleporthub.com and inquire about your interest in joining the program – Please state (1) Why do you want to join the program? (2) What do you think about SL business and work that we are doing? (3) Your committment to the program. Please give us your store SURL so we can take a look at it. Then, wait for our reply by email.


Step 1: After receiving invitation, please proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Display TeleportHub.com Logo/Group Inviter at your group gift location. Contact us inspection by sending email to info@teleporthub.com

+ The name of notecard or subject of the email: TeleportHub.com Featured Merchant Inspection Request
+ Content of notecard or email:

Store name: …………………………………………..
Business name: ………………………………………
Description about your business:……………… (1000 words maximum)
Main Product Category: ………………………….
Second Product Category: ……………………….
Marketplace URL: ………………………………….
Landmark: ……………………………………………

+ Attach 2 Full Perm Merchant Logo to the notecard (512×512 pixels and 100×100 pixels)

Note: As noted above, you can email to info@teleporthub.com instead of using the notecard

Step 3: Receive the benefits listed above.

*** RULES ***
After receiving featured merchants status, merchants must continue to display our logo at the store’s group gift area. Merchants who fail to display our logo will be removed from the featured merchants status and lose all benefits permanently. Therefore, please notify us if you do not want to be Featured Merchant anymore. The deal will be cancelled in good term and you are welcome to come back anytime in the future.


Website URL: http://www.teleporthub.com

Landmark: Taxi to Teleport Hub