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Second Life Promotion Deals Submission Form

Thank you for choosing Teleport Hub’s service. We hope our service can contribute to your business growth and success. Please use this form to submit your promotion deals. If you have a sale event or store sale event (i.e 50% Sale Off Everything), please use the events / hunts submission form.


  1. Pricing: There is no limit to the price but it must be a sale price (not full price) in order to achieve the best marketing purpose. Please state the percentage discount over the original price in the item description field of the form. The promotion/deal item(s) can be at your store in Second Life, Events, or Marketplace. The promotion/deal item(s) must have its price greater than 0 L$ (Not Free). You can also use this form for 1 L$ Gift item(s).
  2. Offer Expiration Date: It is important to declare the offer expiration date. We don’t post deals that will be expired in a few days. Your promotional item(s) or deal(s) must be available for at least 7+ days or more. No Flash Sale 1-2 days will be accepted. Please make sure there is enough time for our readers to buy from you. Also, please submit early and be more generous about offer time so that we have enough time to post your deal.
  3. Posting Limitation: Due to the high workload, we can only post 1 deal at a time for each store. When your posted deal expired, you can submit a new deal.
  4. Product Quality: In general, the deal item(s) must have a decent quality. We are no longer accepting items that were made entirely using sculpt(s) and normal prim(s). Those are outdated technology and will not generate any sales. Body-painting clothes and appliers only clothes without mesh are not accepted. However, we accept tattoo or makeup products.
  5. Review Copies: Please remember to submit review copies (see below). In order to have your deals posted, you will have to submit your item(s) to our writers for review. We need check the consistency of your item(s) and the offer itself before posting. We reserve the right to decide whether we will post your item(s).


  1. Women Related Items: please send to our writer Jezotus ResidentSimply drop the item(s) to her IM box.
  2. Men Related Items & Home Stuff: please send to our writer Satus VoxelSimply drop the item(s) to his IM box.

Note: We have access to all kinds of blogger packs from stores & events in inworld each month. All review copies are for reviewing & archiving purposes. They are not for our personal use. We need to see and verify what you are offering before posting. We reserve the right to decide whether we will post your item(s). Only items that meet the rules above will be posted.


1. Posting is always free. We reserve the right to choose which submitted item(s) will be posted.

2. We manually obtain and check all item(s) for quality and advertising consistency before posting. We also archive all item(s) for the record.

3. Please be sure about the offer expiration date. It is important to keep the promise you made to buyers/customers. Only remove the item(s)/offer(s) after the proposed expiration date. In special circumstances that you must remove the item(s) early, please contact us by email before removing it from your store.

4. Notify us by email info@teleporthub.com if you want to make any changes or have the post(s) removed.

If you need to make changes to your post, please feel free to contact us at info@teleporthub.com. Please include your post URL(s) and information about the changes you want to make. We will revise the post or remove the content based on your request.

Contact us: info@teleporthub.com

1. Teleport Hub (TM) reserves the right to decide whether we approve or reject your submitted content with or without any notice. By submitting content (information, images, text, and attachments) to Teleport Hub, you explicitly grant us full permission to use your submitted content without any limitation.

2. Teleport Hub (TM) only posts “the information” about the item(s) you provide to us. In other words, we post the news only. We are not liable or responsible for any damages or the loss of sale of the item(s) from the act of posting news. We also do not verify, judge, endorse, or approve the item(s) authenticity.


This is the Promotion Deals Submission form for a single product sale promotion or 1 L$ promotional gift item. If you do a general non-recurring sale for multiple items, please use the Hunts/Events form. To submit other kinds, please press one of the buttons below. Refresh the page if the form below does not load.

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