Black Friday Weekend Sale 2020
Aenigma - Teleport Hub - TeleportHub.com
ECLECTIC Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Temptation Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Sense Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Happy 99 Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
Orsy Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com
WIP - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


MIIX Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

MIIX Event

MIIX Event MIIX Event - Miix Event where all designers from the Second Life world can participate Secondlife's most mixed event Dates: Every 30th of the month...
Gotta Getcha Gacha - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Gotta Getcha Gacha

Gotta Getcha Gacha Gotta Getcha Gacha - Gotta Getcha Gacha is a unique weekly sales event. Every Friday, for 72-hours, a store will offer a...
ANXIOUS Weekend 100L - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

ANXIOUS Weekend 100L

ANXIOUS Weekend 100L ANXIOUS Weekend 100L - Weekend Sale for more than 2 items/fatpack in 1 vendor for only 100L$ Dates: Every Friday to Sunday Second...
Lot6 - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


Lot6 Lot6 - Brand new event that aims to showcase new innovated creations from some upcoming and seasoned creators in Second Life. Each round we...
The {4-Seasons} Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

The {4-Seasons} Event

The {4-Seasons} Event The {4-Seasons} Event - Flea Market for New and Weathered Things Dates: Every 15th of the month until the 29th of the same month  Second Life...
Shiny Shabby - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.comShiny Shabby - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Shiny Shabby

Shiny Shabby Shiny Shabby - Flea Market for New and Weathered Things Dates: Every 20th of the month until the 15th of the next month  Second Life Update Group:...
Tres Chic - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Tres Chic

Tres Chic Tres Chic -Four Seasons Theme Event Dates: Every 17th of the month until the 10th of the next month. Second Life Update Group: Link to join...
Girls Heaven Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Girls Heaven Event

Girls Heaven -EVENT- Girls Heaven -EVENT- - (formerly DESIGNER CIRCLE) is a monthly shopping themed event for women only, our 40 designers offer fashion, accessories and decorations...
Forbidden Fridays - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Forbidden Fridays

Forbidden Fridays Forbidden Fridays - a fresh new weekly adult mainstore sale coming February 14th. Original content will be offered for 69L or less every...
The Nexus Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

The Nexus Event

The Nexus Event The Nexus Event - The Nexus is a Event for Rock Lovers. Classic, Pop, Rockabilly, Dark, Gothic, Metal... All Styles. Clothes, Body...
Kawaii BDSM Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Kawaii BDSM Event

Kawaii BDSM Event Kawaii BDSM Event - bimonthly Kinky shopping event with set themes each round. The event is for all those kawaii lovers...
Southern Charm - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Southern Charm

Southern Charm Southern Charm - a bi-monthly shopping event shining a little light on the amazing designers that have a little charm in everything they...
Diamond Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Diamond Event

Diamond Event Diamond Event - a monthly event that brings you some of Second Life's most talented designers and promising newcomers Dates: Every 15th of the...
I Love Gacha Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

I Love Gacha Event

I Love Gacha Event I Love Gacha Event - "I love Gacha" is discount bi-Weekly Event (25L$ per play), which is held only for 2 days...
FullEvent - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


FullEvent FullEvent - Our event is intended for you, FullPerm creator for Second Life shopkeepers. We seek quality in creations. Creators of clothing, accessories, shoes, textures,...
Commotion Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Commotion Event

Commotion Event Commotion Event - Bi-Monthly event with exclusive men and women products, home deco and more Dates: Every 20th of the month until the 11th of the...

The Point

The Point The Point - Event for all types of design. Clothing, Hair, Home & Decor, Make Up & Skin, Hair, Shoes, Tattoos, Jewelry, Poses & Animations...
Yung Icon Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Yung Icon

Yung Icon Yung Icon - Event for shopping featuring current and up and coming designers, with exclusive and iconic items! Dates: Every 11th of the month...
Wicked Wednesday Sale - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Wicked Wednesday Sale

Wicked Wednesday Sale Wicked Wednesday Sale - Every Wednesday, 7 Deadly sins hosts the Wicked Wednesday Sales with participating stores on the store sim. All the items...
Oxxxcuro Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Oxxxcuro Event

Oxxxcuro Event Oxxxcuro Event - Welcome to the world of Oxxxcuro where sensuality and desire come together for the most beautiful expression of fashion. 60 designers, 60...
ENERGY Weekend Price - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

ENERGY Weekend Price

ENERGY Weekend Price ENERGY Weekend Price - Weekend to the fullest! Designers will give you the best products at a very reasonable price. Fixed price...
The Trunk Show - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

The Trunk Show

The Trunk Show The Trunk Show - The Trunk Show is a bi-monthly event that celebrates romance and those who are special to us. The...
Limitless Mainstore Crawl - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Limitless Mainstore Crawl

Limitless Mainstore Crawl Limitless Mainstore Crawl - an event that occurs 3 times a year. Each store involved with offer one or more new items...
GoodMix Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

GoodMix Event

GoodMix Event GoodMix Event - Mixed Event With Several Types Of Items Dates: Every 25th of the month until the 15th of the next month Second...
50 Shades of Lindens - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

50 Shades of Lindens

50 Shades of Lindens 50 Shades of Lindens - Mixed Event With Several Types Of Items. Value Fixed 50L Dates: Every 15th to 25th of the month....
City Lights Event - Teleport Hub - TeleportHub.com

City Lights Event

City Lights Event City Lights Event - Original Mesh Designers Dates: Every 20th of the month until the 10th of the next month Second Life Update...
Original Vogue Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Original Vogue Event

Original Vogue Event Original Vogue Event - Mixed Event With Several Types Of Items Dates: Every 25th of the month until the 15th of the next month Second...
MAOX - Teleport Hub - TeleportHub.com


MAOX MAOX - The box only for men Dates: Pre-sale from 5th to the 14th, Sale the 15th Second Life Update Group: N/A Type of Event: Recurring...
UniK - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com


UniK UniK - a unisex event of 100% original creations Dates: every 7th the month until 28th of the next month Second Life Update Group: Link to...
Boardwalk Event - Teleport Hub - teleporthub.com

Boardwalk Event

Boardwalk Event Boardwalk Event - Showcases furniture, decor, garden/landscaping, hardscaping, homes, skyboxes, buildings, photo props, and other rezzable items Dates: Opens at Midnight SLT on the 15th of the...
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If you cannot teleport directly to the item's location because the merchant set landing point on his or her land, try to deploy map beacon to pin-point exact location. First, copy our SURL link and paste to Nearby Chat. Second, click on the link to open the location panel. Finally, click on MAP button to deploy beacon. Follow the red arrow to your destination.


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