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Overview & History

Welcome to Teleport Hub – Your One Stop For All Second Life® Freebies, Group Gifts, Promotion, Events, and Hunts.

Teleport Hub Logo


Welcome to Teleport Hub (TeleportHub.com). Teleport Hub is a nonprofit organization and it was founded on November 23, 2012. The idea is to create a hub that can help new and current residents finding things happening in Second Life such as freebies gifts, sales, hunts, events, etc. quickly and easily. In the process, we’ve helped businesses in Second Life grow and achieve their goals. We are proud to have helped many new businesses at their early stage and contributed to their success. Initially, Teleport Hub was named Second Life Hub (secondlifehub.com). However, due to trademark and copyright issues, we decided to rename the website as Teleport Hub one month later. The site has been growing at an amazing pace since that time.

Our mission is to provide the latest news about Second Life Freebies, Group Gifts, Sales, Promotions, Events, and Hunts to new and current Second Life residents. We also help new and current businesses in Second Life to achieve their goals and growth free of charge through our blogging and marketing services.

We welcome all new and current businesses to cooperate with Teleport Hub. There are many ways you can work with us:

1. Get involved and join our Designer Circle Program: There are many benefits to join. We will list your store info in our designer directory. We also let you send 1 notice per day to our group. [view more]

2. Need stable traffic to your store? Help us to grow the inworld Teleport Hub group by providing your exclusive group gift to our members. We will put your gift on the front page on top of any other regular gifts. When the group is bigger in size, your marketing effort will be more effective as well.

3. Need more exposure and get your name out there to potential future customers? Simply buy an Ad to sponsor Teleport Hub. We will help you effectively get your name, products, or events out there to a huge pool of new and current Second Life residents. Our top-of-the-line Ad Rotation Service will let you market up to 10 products or 10 banners randomly. All our ad revenues will be used to pay for the server and operation cost [view more]

4. Submit your freebies, group gifts, hunts, events, and promotion/deals. We will be happy to post for you. Be sure there are some rules you will need to follow. We listed all rules in our online submission forms.

5. Use our self-service Teleport Hub Live! to market your products. Our AI system will analyze your Flickr photos and post them to Teleport Hub Live! automatically and free of charge. Your product will instantly show up in Google Search result [view more]

6. Put a link or logo to us on your blog and let us know. We will be happy to exchange links with you for SEO purposes.

7. Put our logo or group invite terminal at your store to show your support.

For other concerns, feedback, questions, and inquiries, please feel free to contact us at info@teleporthub.com

Disclaimer: Second Life® is a registered trademark of Linden Labs Research Inc. – Teleport Hub is not affiliated with Second Life® in any way. Teleport Hub and our partners do not guarantee any item/product posted on this website is available, high quality, authentic, or legal. We only provide tips to get the item or freebies as we check the market. For any questions or any issues, please contact the seller/merchant directly. Any dispute shall remain between those sellers and/or buyers.


You can submit your freebies, group gift, sales, promo items, events, and hunts info to Teleport Hub. We will help you promote your business and market your products for free. Please note that only working products with acceptable quality will be posted. We don’t post products such as free postcards, free pictures, etc. We listed detailed posting rules for each kind of item in the submission form pages below.

How to submit info? Please use the following forms based on your need.

* Submit Freebies Info

* Submit Promotion / Deals

* Submit Group Gifts

* Submit Event & Hunt Information

For other submissions, please send email to info@teleporthub.com


Designer Circle Program is a program that allows you (store owners and designers) to market your products in our in-world Second Life Group: TeleportHub.com [click here for group link]. It is easy and free to join. Please read detail about Designer Circle Program here


Our content was posted and is being added every day by using information obtained or submitted directly from merchants/organizations. We also use the information we got from several sources inworld. Our agents or bloggers come directly to the store or places to verify & check carefully before posting. We have all the intelligent tools & techniques to get the news to serve the community. As a reader or blogger, you are free to use our content (except our blog sections) for your blog or reposting. The more you use or repost our allowed content, the better for Second Life businesses. However, please be sure please give us credits by mention name or put a link. The reason is very simple: when we no longer exist, there will be no content for you to use. So please make sure we are alive and healthy :)

Who Is Posting First or Last? When it comes to posting news and freebies, it is not a matter of who posted the materials first or last. Timing is not a matter here. The purpose of the whole thing is to serve the community. If you posted something first on your blog just because you saw it first, it doesn’t mean we don’t know about the same thing you posted from other sources we have. It doesn’t mean we cannot post the same thing you posted either. Plus, you do not have any copyright whatsoever over the news you posted. We don’t read your blog and we won’t stop posting the free news which is available to everyone. Any complaining email or accusation email about public second life information or news will be deleted on the spot. Thank you for your understanding.

Contents that you need permission to use: You will need to ask for permission to use content in our BLOG section (see the menu). This includes words, images, videos, and other media. Please contact us to request permission if you would like to use those BLOG section contents. Other than that, you are free to use the other news we posted. Please make sure you give us proper credits. Thank you.

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