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Designer Circle Program

join a big pool of talented Second Life designers

Designer Circle ProgramTeleport Hub

Designer Circle Program is a program that allows you (store owners and designers) to market your products in our inworld Second Life Group: TeleportHub.com [click here for group link]. Currently, we have more than 32000+ members in our group. Our group members are 100% real people who paid a small group fee to join as members. There are several rules and requirements that you have to follow in order to join this program and maintain your designer status.


To apply for Designer Circle Program, you will need an invitation from Teleport Hub. Please click on the button below to submit your store information. We will review your store work and issue an invitation to apply for this program. Only stores that meet basic requirements can receive invitation inworld to apply for this program. Please do not contact our agents inworld and demand an invitation. You need to use this form to submit information.


Please read carefully the following information. Click on each section to see the content. If your language is not English, please use the translator app to read. You will need to understand all the terms and rules below before requesting an invitation to apply & submitting application. If you do not understand the group rules and the program requirements, your application will be declined. All applications need to be submitted by the store owners. An application which were submitted by a store manager or other store’s positions will be declined.



Being a Designer in our program, you will receive the following benefits free of charge

You are free to market your products in our inworld Second Life Group: TeleportHub.com (1 group notice per day – SL Time clock base). Your notice quota will be reset at the end of the day based on SL Time clock (SLT).

We blog and post your gifts & promotion deals more often. We also provide consultation about SL business for free by email.

You can take part in a big pool of talented designers and be endorsed by TeleportHub.com through our merchant listing & partnership.

Permission to post your promotion/deals in our Flickr Group and Facebook Group as much as your like (no posting approval needed)

Permission to market your products in TeleportHub.com Live!

Our blogging service will instantly help putting your store/brand name out there on the web such as social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, scoop.it etc), search engine sites, and designer directory


You need to meet the following requirements before you can submit application (of course an invitation is needed to apply)


1. Your business needs to have at least 25 different products in “decent” quality at your inworld store and marketplace. No affiliate business, no gacha reselling business, no full perm texture creation for template mesh business, and no business in a box will be allowed. Your products can be original designs & mesh or original designs from using templates. However, you must build/design/sell your own products. Your business must have an inworld store location.

2. To use our group for marketing purpose, you must put at least one Teleport Hub logo & group inviter at your main store at all time in order to register & maintain your designer status. To purchase the Teleport Hub Affiliation Package at 0 $L, please buy from marketplace [click here].

3. Offer one (1) exclusive group gift to Teleport Hub’s group members at all time in order to maintain your designer status. We recommend using our provided group gift vendor in the affiliation package. It is all in one, light weight, and only 1 Land Impact. The vendor has everything including bot group inviter built-in. However, you can use own group gift vendor and set to TeleportHub.com group for your store decoration purpose. In this case, please rez a Teleport Hub logo & group inviter next to the exclusive group gift. (** see more about Exclusive Group Gift rules & requirements below).

** Please note that if you fail to honor those requirements, your store status may be temporarily moved to Designer (without notice right) or Inactive Designer pool with or without any notice, automatically or manually until you can contact us by email (info@teleporthub.com) to resolve the issues.


We do not try to impose many rules on designers. However, there were many cases that some stores tried to exploit the program and caused unfairness among designers in the group. Therefore, these simple requirements & rules will ensure the fairness within the group. Please click on the following options to see the rules, guidelines, & requirements. If you need clarification, please email us info@teleporthub.com and ask for it.


The following three (3) rules may seem a bit complicated and intimidating. However, we have to set these rules in order to make sure that the gifts are truly exclusive. This is essential for us to build the group for you all. At the end of the day, you get all the benefits from our works. If you are honest and want to contribute a small part, you will be fine. Please remember we do not and will not charge an amount to use the group. We just ask for one quality contribution from your works as you fulfill your designer’s requirements.

1. Teleport Hub group gift must be an exclusive gift for Teleport Hub. You can’t offer it (as a gift) at the same time to other groups, your own store group, or events. Your Teleport Hub group gift must be different from other gifts you are offering. No recolor of the same thing will be accepted. You can’t “recycle” or re-use your old gift and set it as Teleport Hub Group Gift. This rule is to ensure the best outcome for our marketing effort. We don’t just post your gift and be done with it. Your gift will be advertised across the web, social networks, and inworld groups.

2. Teleport Hub group gift must be from your store/brand and represent your store/brand. You cannot use a gift with a different brand name (not your store brand name) and offer it as Teleport Hub group gift. Your gift must be decent & usable. It must not contain any text or web url on top for the purpose of promoting a website or something else not related to your store/brand. You cannot buy a template kit with the provided textures and set it as Teleport Hub group gift. You need to at least work on it before you can offer it as group gift. Your Teleport Hub group gift must be created recently. Item which was created 1 year ago is okay. If the item was created more than one, two, three, or more years ago, we would reject it and allow you time to correct the issue.

(1) Fashion & Fashion Related Products: we are no longer accepting body painting clothes (applier only clothes) as group gift. Your gift needs to be mesh with/without appliers.
(2) Tattoo Products: Full or Half Body Tattoo pack needs to be decent and sophisticated enough with mesh body appliers included. Tattoo which looks like body painting won’t be accepted. Tattoo which is too simple won’t be accepted (For example: simple object such as a little rose, a mole, a star, etc.)
(3) Makeup Applier & BOM: The pack needs to have at least 5 options on the applier HUD. The quality needs to be decent.
(4) Furniture & Furniture Related Products: we don’t accept a mesh 101 water well, poster, postcard, picture frame, rug, or anything just flat with a texture on top.
(5) Pose and Animation Products: single pose gift must contain at least 5 poses in the pack. Couple pose or Friends pose gift must contain at least 1 couple or friends pose. Dance animation gift must contain at least 1 dance animation.
(6) Script Products: Basic scripts which can be obtained for free on the internet won’t be accepted.
(7) Skin & Shape Products: Shape only item won’t be accept. Skin item needs to have at least one skin tone with mesh head applier.
(8) Hair Products: You are welcome to give a pack with different hair color options. However, a single hair color is needed.
(9) Vehicle & Ship Products: operational vehicle or ship in one color.
(10) Jewelry Products: please do not give simple item like a septum (nose ring) or a circular ring with no stone and features.

3. You don’t have to change this gift often. You can keep offering this same gift as long as you want until you want to change the gift to a new one. However, your exclusive gift must not be older than 1 year + 1 month from the posting time. In that case, our agent will ask you to change the gift and allow you at least 1 month so that you have enough time to make a new exclusive group gift. We recommend changing the gift per 1, 2, or 3 months in order to take advantage of our blogging service for your store traffic (optional).


Your gift will not be considered as “exclusive” if one of the following basic conditions happens:

1. You use your old store gift, old gift for other groups, old hunt gifts, & your old event gifts as the new Teleport Hub Group Gift. In general, anything was used as a gift will not be considered as an exclusive gift for Teleport Hub. However, you can sell the item(s) you put as Teleport Hub group gift at the same time.

2. You use a recolored/redesigned version of your current or old gift (for any purpose) as a Teleport Hub Group Gift. This gift will not be considered as an exclusive Teleport Hub group gift.

3. Your new Teleport Hub group gift is the same as your store gift, hunt gift, event gift, or gift for other groups. This gift will not be considered as an exclusive Teleport Hub group gift.


Whenever you change the gift or its location, please submit the information to us for blogging by using the provided Submit Group Gift form at the website or email to info@teleporthub.com to notify us. This way we can always keep the exclusive group gift catalog updated. Also, please send the full perm gift photo to TeleportHub Resident. We will use it to send notices to some groups we have access to.

Please note that your new exclusive gifts need to follow the exclusive gift requirements. We reserve the right to reject the exclusive gift if it does not meet the exclusive gift requirements. We will allow you time to correct the issue.

There are several benefits you can get from offering exclusive group gifts to Teleport Hub’s group.

(1) Traffic and a lot of traffic will come to your store or events.

(2) Your gift(s) will be blogged and posted to Exclusive Group Gifts section at our main site and several satellite sites including social networks instantly. Your brand name will be broadcasted across the World Wide Web.

(3) Our agent will also send group notice announcement to TeleportHub.com in-world group and many others in-world groups we have access.

First of all, the group is completely free to use. We provide a free group management service to make everyone happy and maintain the fairness within the group. Your exclusive gift will be posted in our special section @ our front page. This will give you a lot of extra traffic. We want to get your name out there right away to our group members and readers. Everyone must contribute in order to use this group. We don’t and will never charge you any fee for using the group and our blogging service. Instead, you can get the traffic to your store; and you can enjoy the bigger and growing group pool at the same time. Your marketing effort will be more effective with time under our group management. It is a win-win solution for the group.


1. You may send maximum ONE (1) group notice per day (SL time clock based). You group notice quota will reset at 11:59 PM (SLT) each day. This rule will be strictly enforced. Kindly respect this rule because we don’t want massive spam to the group and upset everyone else. Thank you.

2. Designers with multiple brands need to independently join the program as different avatars. Each avatar needs to serve the purpose of each brand and follows the program rules & requirements. Do not cross sending notices. You can choose to be anonymous or transparent to Teleport Hub group manager.

3. You may not use this group to promo other store brands and other store products which you have no ownership. You may use the group to promo your products in events and/or anything related to the events you have ownership. However, if your are the event owner, you have to display our logo at your event’s venue (media partner or logo area). Failing to credit Teleport Hub at your event will result in group notice suspension. You may not use the group to advertise/promo freebie websites or other freebies groups.

4. If there is any dispute in Second Life or Real Life, please do not create any drama in the group chat or group notice. For any dispute, please contact the other parties/merchants/buyers directly and resolve your issue with them.

5. Please do not send hateful messages or messages for the purpose of destroying the other party’s reputation for any reason legally or illegally. Please keep it to yourself or talk to a friend instead.

6. If you move your store or your exclusive Teleport Hub group gift location, you need to notify us as soon as possible by email info@teleporthub.com within 7 days for directory & merchant gift catalog update. If we cannot find your store, your membership is the group will be temporarily suspened until you can contact us to resolve the issue.

7. You can join the group by using any avatar. But, no bot will be allowed. One avatar with a designer tag & notice right per store / business brand.

8. Group status: There are three group roles / statuses for designers. (1) Designers – this is the normal status. You can send & receive notices. Your store is in good standing. (2) Designers (without notice) – Limited designer role. You can only receive notices. Your store is displaying our logo/inviter but the exclusive gift is missing. All other servies remain the same. (3) Inactive Designer – restricted / on hold designer role. You cannot send notices. Your store is no longer displaying our logo/inviter and the exclusive gift. We can no longer locate your store inworld or you closed your store. For status number 2 & 3, you can resolve the issue by sending email to info@teleporthub.com

9. For any question, concern, or feedback, please email to us info@teleporthub.com.


In order to join, you must complete 3 steps below. It is also important that you read & understand the exclusive gift guidelines, rules, & requirements above before submitting application. All applications need to be submitted by the store owners. Applications which were submitted by a Store Manager or other store’s positions will be declined.

Step 1: Read and Understand the program & group rules. If your language is not English, you will need to use Translator App to read. Then, submit your store information by using the form [ click here ] for application invitation. When you receive our invitation to apply, you can proceed to step 2. Please do not contact or pester our agent inworld and demand an invitation. Those requests will not be answered. If your store meet the requirements, we will contact you inworld with an invitation notecard (usually 24 hours).

Step 2: Complete all requirements listed (see Program Requirements above). Join our group [group link] – We will set your status instead of sending invitation. You can be offline; And receive the application result.

Step 3: Submit application ~ we use email as a form of application signature. Please send the application by email to info@teleporthub.com. Please find the application form below. Then, copy & paste to your email. Please remember to attach your exclusive gift photo to the application. Also you need to send the gift photo full perm to TeleportHub Resident in-world for group marketing purpose.

Finally, upon receiving your application email, our agent will inspect your store, do the last check, post & market your exclusive group gift, and approve your application. You will receive group notice right, confirmation letter notecard, and a copy of group rules & detailed information about the program. Thank you.


Please copy & paste the following application to your email. Fill in information & send it to info@teleporthub.com – Please do not forget to attach your exclusive gift photo to your application email.

Email Subject: Teleport Hub’s Designer Circle Program Application

Email Message:

Teleport Hub’s Designer Circle Program Application

Store Name:
Business Category:
Store Owner’s name:
Marketplace Link:
Teleport SURL Link:
Facebook/Flickr/Other Links:
Avatar username you will use to send notice:

    • Please Answer The Following Questions *

Did understand clearly the program requirements & group rules?
[  ] Yes [  ] No

Are you the owner of the business mentioned above in this application?
[  ] Yes [  ] No

Did you put the exclusive group gift for Teleport Hub’s group at your store?
[  ] Yes [  ] No

Is your exclusive group gift a brand new gift which was not offered as a gift to any other groups, your store, or events?
[  ] Yes [  ] No

Did you read & follow the exclusive gift guideline & requirements?
[  ] Yes [  ] No

Did you attach the exclusive gift photo to this application/email and send the full perm gift photo to TeleportHub Resident in-world for blogging & group marketing purpose?
[  ] Yes [  ] No

[   ] I have read carefully, understood, and accepted all rules and requirements for this program. I also understand that I can send 1 group notice per day (SL Time clock based) to the group as a designer. I understand and agree that I may lose access to the group if I don’t follow the group rules.

Processing Time is 1-2 Days

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