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Black Friday Weekend Sale Event 2020 Submission Form

Black Friday Weekend Sale is the biggest sale event of the year right after Thanksgiving Holiday. This year 2020, the sale will start from November 27 @ 01 AM  SLT to November 30 @ 11:59 PM  SLTHowever, you can extend your sale further if you want to. In that case, please tell us the start date time and the end date time in the description. If you need to make changes to the submitted information, please email to info@teleporthub.com. Good luck with the sale and happy holiday! We need to complete the poster to start promoting the sale before November 27, 2019. Therefore, November 25, 2020 is the last day to submit your sale information.

** SPONSORED LISTING: Sponsored Listing Spots are available for a fee. Make your sale standout among the long list today! Your sale will be featured in the sponsored listing section above the regular listing section. Furthermore, in the regular listing section, your store name will be highlighted with a different color (red). The sponsored listing fee is 2500 $L per store. You can display up to 2 sale posters. Please pay TeleportHub Resident the amount after you have completed the submission form. We will then add your store to the list and notify you with confirmation notecard inworld.

** ADVERTISING BENEFITS: Both Sponsored and Regular Listings will get the same advertising & promotion work on all our sites and satellite sites: (1) Daily promotion to Social Networks (From November 25 to November 30). (2) TeleportHub.com’s Package P Ad during the sales. (3) Daily group notices promotion send to groups by our agent

Having technical difficulties? You maybe having browser caching issue. Try to Refresh the page. If it does not work, please change your current internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Edge) and try again. You can also contact or submit info by emailing to info@teleporthub.com

Note: The information submission period has ended on December 25, 2020. If you use this form to submit info, we will continue to add your store. However, we cannot put your store name on the poster. We have finalized the poster and sent it out to participating stores.


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