Amazing Free Mesh Car One of The Best In Second Life by FELGO Motors – While shopping for a nice mesh car for personal use, I discovered a super nice free deal provided by FELGO Motors. Oh yes, this car is free and only one downside. The car uses oil and gas which are provided by FELGO Motors. From my testing experience, the free 25L gas and 50L oil provided in the package, are pretty good. They give you plenty of time to enjoy this. However, when the gas or oil runs out, you may need to teleport to V6 Racetrack to buy more to use or just put the car on display in your garage or shop. FELGO Motors does sells full featured (no gas and oil needed) car models ranging from 2,500L to 6,500+L if you are looking for something permanent. With all that said, so how to get the free car?

Requirement: A Facebook Account

How to get free car?

1. Like Felgo’s facebook page: Link

2. IM or notecard (recommend due to IM cap) to Doyle Korkus

The content: you can say something like this:

Title: FB Liked and Free Car Request

Hello FELGO: I liked your  facebook page as <your facebook name>. I’d like to have a free nice car. Thank you so much. <your SL name>

3. Wait one or two days for FELGO to process and give the car. Many people may try to get this so the wait time can be longer. Be patient!

How to drive the car:

1. Wear HUD – Enter the Car – Choose Drive on HUD – Click Start Engine Button

2. Double Tap E or Up Arrow to increase gear then drive. Double Tap S or Down Arrow to decrease gear.

Amazing Free Mesh Car One of The Best In Second Life by FELGO Motors - Teleport Hub -
Amazing Free Mesh Car One of The Best In Second Life by FELGO Motors – Teleport Hub –
Amazing Free Mesh Car One of The Best In Second Life by FELGO Motors - Teleport Hub -
Amazing Free Mesh Car One of The Best In Second Life by FELGO Motors – Teleport Hub –





EBENTO Package C February 25 – July 24 728×90

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  1. This could be a fabulous car, especially for ‘free’, if it didnt have a couple of bugs.
    I say ‘free’ as you need to purchase fuel, oil and repair services to keep it running.
    It’s only flaw is the wheel animation, the front wheels will only point straight ahead or to the right, though the car drives normally for all that.
    Textures and details on the car are beautiful, engine sounds nice, the sit animation is smooth and rather nice (no instantly).
    Obviously for something so complex its high on the prim/server count, but still well worth having.

    • This car is 750L on marketplace – This is another business model. You do get it for free without paying 750L. About oil gas etc, this has been mentioned in the post. About front wheels, it can turn left and right. Maybe, you got lag that time.

      • No lag I’m afraid, I tested it thoroughly, even had to refuel it.
        The lights are somewhat temperamental too, with indicators only partially working. And yes the car can turn left and right, however the wheels on mine do not. I certainly would have been disappointed had I paid 750L for it, but as you says it was free.
        I have test driven one of the newer models and they’re amazing, I’m only holding out buying one because if I shell out almost 5k I want the model of my choice.
        Even this free one is fab to drive and as a show piece if you don’t mind the indicator and steering issues.
        I would still 100% recommend this seller.


        • I don’t have that steering problem though. I have retested to confirm. The wheels can turn left and right. The lights are working fine. If u cam to the front and turn on and off the light, you will see the difference. This is not a blog post for that seller either. All issues you can ask the seller directly. This website just provides tips for freebies.


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