New Release: Alini Vol 2 Dance Pack by MOVE! Animations Cologne – Alini Vol 2 dances featured sexy and booty dances. Take a look at the dances at Move! Animations inworld Store! 100% Professional Motion Capture Dances. Recorded with a NEW High Class Motion Capture System and Software. Alini Dance Pack Contains 15 Dances (#17 to #31) which were recorded with High Quality Cameras at a REAL CLUB with REAL DJs playing and REAL PEOPLE around in Cologne Germany.

Price: 300 $L each dance animation | 2999 $L (Full Pack Copy Version 30% off) | 2999 $L (Full Pack Transfer Version 30% off)

Expected Expiration Date: Permanent

Teleport: Taxi to MOVE! Animations Cologne


New Release: Alini Vol 2 Dance Pack by MOVE! Animations Cologne - Teleport Hub -
New Release: Alini Vol 2 Dance Pack by MOVE! Animations Cologne – Teleport Hub –

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